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Mungani Private Investigation Services is a commissioned private investigations firm which seeks to provide end-to-end investigation solutions tailor made to suit the wide array of clients risk concerns while maintaining utmost confidentiality... Readmore


Recovering a judgment or ascertain if someone is financially worth suing
Find hidden money, real property and financial assets,
Verify a potential business partners' financial-worth,
Check the financial stability of potential debtors,
Forensic accounting to discover well-hidden secrets in financial books etc.
Debtors, missing persons, Legal Investigations to unearth witnesses.
Pre- Matrimonial (Background Check, Verification of Details)
Post Matrimonial Investigations
Divorce/Child Custody
Skip Tracing
Missing Debtors
Status Enquiry of Debtors
Tracing of Business

Our Capabilities

External risk mitigation in terms of

Internet fraud,
Industrial espionage,
Product diversion,
Ponzi schemes etc.

Internal employee issues such as

Policy violations,
Blackmail, and other corruption which contribute to poor output at the work place.

Why hire Us?

Professional & Experienced

MUNGANI PI are one of the leading Private Detective Agencies in Ghana and worldwide. No matter how big or small your investigation, you can be safe in the knowledge that your case will be treated with professionalism, by a devoted PI committed to delivering the results you need.

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Completely Reliable Investigations

You can count on us to deliver results within an approved time-frame and your own personal set of objectives on your case. Whether that’s asset tracking, fraud, theft, we have a strong history in achieving high standards and high rates of success in private investigation. Don’t take our word for it, read the below testimonials of real clients who have achieved fantastic results through our services.

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Extremely Discreet Services

Leaders in the private investigation domain, we aim to break the taboo around seeking a private investigator and make our services available to anyone who may find themselves in need. If you choose to use our services, we guarantee you absolute discretion when dealing with your case, and we always take extra care with sensitive issues and private matters.

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Mungani PI Testimonials

The case studies and testimonials are genuine and have been copied directly from the emails we received from the clients (originals can be viewed at our offices or upon request by email) and are published with the kind permission of the clients involved.